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What is pool decking?

Timber deck around a pool

Pool decking is the application of a special type of coating that can be used to decorate and protect the surface of your pool. The technology applies a layer of paint onto the surface, allowing it to withstand wear and tear as well as preventing bacteria growth. It can be easily applied to all surfaces such as concrete, vinyl or fibreglass, as well as wood decks.


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    Why professionals should build your pool deck

    Hiring professionals to build your pool decking is one of the best decisions you can make. Pool decking requires certain skills and knowledge that only trained individuals should have. There are different types of materials available on the market, which makes it even more important to hire a qualified contractor who specialises in custom pool decking installations to recommend what’s best for your pool.
    At Decking Gold Coast Experts, we offer custom-made products designed to be installed around your pool specifically for your needs. We work with contractors in the Gold Coast region to ensure our products are installed with care and attention to detail, resulting in a great looking deck that enhances the look of your backyard paradise.

    Benefits of Pool Decking

    When compared with regular pool surfaces, this product has many advantages:
    * It provides a slip-resistant surface that is pleasant to walk on.
    * It is great for families with small children because it reduces the risk of accidents – there is no need for fencing around pools anymore!
    * Enhances the appearance of the pool by increasing its value due to colour restoration and protective features.

    A small pool with a deck

    How to choose the right type of pool decking material

    When choosing the decking material to use around your pool, you will need to consider a few things:
    * Climate – if you live in an area with heavy rain or snow, you will want to choose a material that is durable and can withstand the elements.
    * Size of the pool – if your pool is large, you will need a lot of decking material and may want to consider using a material like concrete instead of wood.
    * Budget – all materials have different price points, so you will need to find one that fits your budget.
    When you are choosing pool decking, there are plenty of factors to think about other than just colour or design. You want to consider how durable it is, what kind of maintenance will be required after extended use, and whether it’s the right size for your pool area. It might take a little bit of research to find the best pool decking material for your specific situation, but if you keep these things in mind, you should have no problem finding something that works well for your yard.

    a deck around a pool

    Common mistakes when choosing a pool decking material

    These are some common mistakes when choosing decking materials:
    * The wrong material – sometimes people choose decking material based on what they like in their own yard instead of the area where the pool is located.
    * The wrong size – when you have an inground pool, it’s important to get measurements before choosing your material because you need to ensure that there is enough room around the pool for people to stand comfortably.
    * Lack of maintenance – if you want to keep your decking looking nice, you should consider how often it needs to be cleaned or repaired after using it for a while. This is especially important if you live in an area that has inclement weather.

    wooden deck on a pool

    How to maintain your pool deck

    Your pool deck needs to be strong, provide the right amount of traction and should be able to stand up to whatever you throw at it. There are a few simple steps that you’ll want to take in order to ensure it has the best chance of performing well over time.
    * The material – choose durable materials like concrete or wood. Avoid low-end products like vinyl because they won’t last long.
    * Drainage – make sure your decking drains properly so water doesn’t become trapped underneath it and damage the structure. This is especially important if you live in an area that gets lots of rain.
    * Clean regularly – this will keep mould and mildew from forming on the surface, which can cause it to crack over during freezing temperatures.

    Why Choose Decking Gold Coast Experts?

    At Gold Coast Experts, we strive to ensure that our customers are happy with their purchases, and that’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. We also have a large range of stock to choose from, so you’re sure to find the right product for your needs.
    Our team is qualified and experienced in the installation of pool decks, and we offer a complete service from design to finished product. This means that you can relax while our experts do the hard work for you.
    If you’re looking for custom pool decking in the Gold Coast region, contact us today and let us show you what we can do!


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